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    Revision Hacks

    posted: 9th May 2017, 10:00am
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    In the month of May you guys are more than likely counting the days until your exams and assignments are over! For some of you this will be the last hurdle, so to help you out we’ve thought of some revision hacks.

    1. Have a plan! With what may seem like a mountain of notes to go through we advise that you set a structured plan to know what you’re going to revise and when. This can often reduce stress and help keep you focused when you know what your dedicating your time to.
    2. Take regular breaks! When you’ve done a few hours of revision, why not treat yourself to an episode of the latest TV series you’re binging on. Don’t wear yourself out during this busy semester, keep hydrated and make yourself some healthy, tasty snacks too.
    3. Try to avoid cramming – we all know that this is the least efficient way to revise and you’re unlikely to retain much information this way. If you need some new techniques on how to revise don’t forget about the Skills team.
    4. Finally, the ‘fit to sit’ policy has been put in place this year, if you need to apply for mitigating circumstances you can always come to our drop-in service where we are happy to provide you with the forms and explain to you about the evidence that would be necessary. You can also read our academic booklet.

    We want you guys to make sure you take some time out to have some fun too! For some of you this may even be your last semester! Go have fun with your friends, check out events that we may have on for you and have one final hooray with us and grab a ticket to the End of Year Ball! You deserve it after all! 

    The Advice Centre Team

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