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    Housing – Where, When, Who and How.

    posted: 3rd December 2013, 10:47am
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    A student house is more than bricks and mortar. It’s where you make the memories that will follow you through the rest of your life. Here are some simple steps to follow to help you make good choices.




    Don’t let landlords pressure you into signing up for houses too early. There’s a lot to consider, so don’t rush. You may hear rumours that all student houses in Hull will get snapped up before Christmas, but this is far from the truth. Hull has plenty of housing to go round, and there is no need to sign before Christmas.


    Visit our housing fair on the 31st January, where you can check out all the local landlords and the houses they have on offer.




    There are plenty of different areas in too choose from in Hull, all within walking distance to the University. The whole world is open to you – from Cottingham to Beresford, at least.


    Newland Avenue - one of the more popular areas, boasts a range of cafes, shops, and supermarkets.


    Beresford Avenue - a little quitter than most student streets with houses of 4 or more people.


    Beverley Road - fairly close to campus and a popular place to live with a wide range of housing. 


    Princes Avenue - a bit further from campus (around 25 minutes walk). A street full of cafes, restaurants and shops.


    Cranbrook and Auckland Avenues - Heavily populated with students, just five minutes from campus, with houses holding 7-8 people.




    Your housemates will pretty much be your family away from home, so choose them wisely. Make sure that you choose people that you can trust to pay their rent, keep your home secure, tidy and clean.


    Housemates don’t have to be the people that you currently live with, don’t feel pressured to live with somebody just because they ask you. If you feel more comfortable living with people that you’ve met through your course, or clubs and societies then do that. Follow your gut instinct and make the choice for you, and not because your getting pressured by others




    Housing Fair


    Come down to the Housing Fair on the 31st of January as a starting point, to check out the landlords of Hull and houses they have to offer. You won’t find all of these landlords all in one place again this year, so take full advantage to compare and do a lot of research at once.


    Plenty of Choices


    Don’t choose the first house you see! You should view around 3 houses before having enough information to make an informed decision. We’ve created housing comparison cards to help you check all of the points to look out for while at your viewing. Pick one of these up at any point from the University House Reception.


    Make a Smart Move Living Room


    Your Vice President Welfare & Community, Brittany Tomlinson and student volunteers will be dotted around campus this week giving further advice and information on housing. They will be armed with free keyrings, housing information leaflets and checklist cards for your viewings, so come and see them at one of the locations below to get as much information as possible.


    Today! (3rd December) - University House Reception – 11.30am-3pm

    Wednesday 4th December  - University House Reception – 11am-3pm

    Thursday 5th December - Derwent Café – 11am-2pm.


    If you miss them, the Advice Centre are on hand all year round to answer all of your housing questions. Find them on the 3rd floor of the Students’ Union building or Email: huu-advice-centre@ to book an appointment.

    The NUS are conducting a confidential survey into your experiences of housing whilst at University – to be in with the chance of winning the top prize of £500, or ten prizes of £50, fill it in here:

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