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    How to Get Your Deposit Back

    posted: 1st June 2017, 9:00am
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    With Semester 2 coming to a close, your VP Welfare & Community is signing off with another one of his famous poems. This time George Bainbridge talks about how to recycle your unwanted items and make sure you get your deposit back! 


    So the term is almost over

    And your exams are almost done

    There is no doubt you’re really stressed

    And you're not having much fun


    But I'll tell you what is to be done

    And you might find it enlightening

    Remember to take out your bins

    And don’t forget about your recycling


    Then clean your house from top to toe, 

    You could get your deposit back, do you not know!


    Yes! this does include de-clogging your hair from the bathroom sink, 

    And cleaning out the fridge/freezer so it doesn’t stink!

    You might even want to tackle the horribly stained loo, 

    And don’t forget to hoover under your bed too!!


    After all this de-cluttering, polishing and cleaning

    I bet the bin bags will be touching the ceiling!

    What will you do with all this rubbish I hear you say?

    Don’t  worry! Hull City Council have a waste centre not far away!


    Pack up the car with your heavy load, 

    And take a drive down to Amsterdam Road!

    Just remember to take your proof of your address

    Or you’ll end up in a bit of a mess


    Just one final bit of advice from me to you, 

    Don’t forget to donate any unwanted items to local charities too! 

    Glad will they be to receive your stuff, 

    As long as it is not broken, or soiled, that’s enough! 


    I hope you like our poem and listen to what we say

    We just want you to help you manage your waste in a responsible way


    Please do HUU a favour

    Dont be a rubbish neighbour!


    Keep an eye out for our Don't Be A Rubbish Neighbour leaflet. It'll be through your letterboxes soon! 


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