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    Transition Update: Grimsby Go-Ahead

    posted: 4th November 2016, 9:00am
    tags: HUU, Scarborough

    Hello Scarborough,


    Hope all is well.


    As you may be aware, there was an announcement this week regarding the future of the Scarborough campus and its future provider. Whilst there had been speculation, it was confirmed that the Grimsby Institute Group had solidified their purchase of the campus, with a view for formal takeover next April to begin offering courses in September 2017. An all student email was sent giving details of the takeover.


    As the Vice-President Scarborough, it is integral to my role to ensure that Scarborough students have the best possible experience as we progress towards the summer of 2017, I am pleased to hear the University of Hull reaffirm its commitment to the maintenance of that experience and the learning environment throughout this time of transition. It is more important than now ever that we ensure the best experience for our students, and that HUU continues to adapt to the needs of our members.


    If you have an further queries, you email me at or pop into the SU anytime.


    Take care,



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