Officer Role Descriptions

You can download a full description of each role by clicking their title.


Full-Time Roles

There are five Student Officers elected annually: President, Vice-President Education, Vice-President Activities, Vice-President Welfare and Community, and Vice-President Sport.

They are full-time paid representatives who take their position for a year. They also act as trustees of Hull University Union taking responsibility of the strategic direction of the organisation, its finances and governance.

Each Student Officer is responsible for a specific zone and supports their part-time Officers in their zone to achieve their individual objectives while also working on team projects. All part-time and full-time Officers are members of Union Council, the core-decision making body of the Union. Every student can bring a motion to Union Council about something they want to change or mandate the Officers to do – the proposal will then be discussed and voted on by members of Union Council. 

Each Officer will contribute to the work of the Union Executive Committee (UEC) in ensuring the collective voice of our student members is heard by the University, the local community and nationally. The Union Executive Committee (UEC) consists of the Student Officers, who are responsible for implementing the vision, mission, values and strategy set by the Board of Trustees. 



The President is elected to lead the Students’ Union and focuses on the democratic and governance structures of the Union. They oversee the work of the Student Officers and speak on behalf of all students at the University to ensure that their voices are heard.


Vice-President Activities

The Vice-President Activities is here to help you get the most out of your time at University through getting involved in our societies, Student Media and RAG.


Vice-President Education

The Vice-President Education is here to help you with all aspects of your academic life. Whether you are an undergraduate or post-graduate student, they are here to offer you help and support through our Course Rep system or by lobbying the university on your behalf.


Vice-President Sport

The Vice-President Sport leads our Athletic Union, supporting our 50+ sports clubs in offering you the best possible sporting opportunities at all levels.


Vice-President Welfare and Community

The Vice-President Welfare & Community supports our four Liberation groups representing LGBT+, Disabled, BME as well as Women students in running campaigns and events.  They also help to maintain a good relationship with the wider community.


Part-Time Roles

AU BUCS Officer

AU Events & Varsity Officer

AU Kit & Equipment Officer

AU Participation and Inclusivity Officer

AU Secretary and Communications Officer

AU Tour Officer

BAME Officer

Chair Raising and Giving (RAG)

Chair Societies Executive Committee (SEC)

Councillors of Scrutiny

Disabled Students Officer

Environment & Ethics Officer

Faculty Rep

International Students Officer

LGBT+ Officer

Mature Students Officer

Part-time Students Officer

Postgraduate Students Officer

School Rep

Women's Officer