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Candidate Handbook

Find out what a Students' Union is, how it operates and what positions you can run for in our 2017 Candidate Handbook.


HUU Election Rules

Learn about HUU's Election Rules for 2017.


Governance Review

In 2014/15, the Students’ Union President commissioned a “Governance Review” to look at our democratic structures and processes and ensure that we are still relevant to our members – you! We surveyed students in 2015 on how they want to be represented and the majority of respondents told us that they want to be represented by academic area. Students also told us that they want to be more involved in the Union’s decision making-processes and make change. In response to this, we held a first referendum in December. You can find out more about the changes we are proposing here and hear from our Student Officers what the next steps are. We are committed to continue the review of of our governance structures and democratic processes in the next academic year.

Useful resources

University of Hull Strategic Plan 2016-2020

University of Hull Strategy for Sport and Active Recreation 2016-2020

Union Council motions since 2015/16

Rate Your Union Survey 2015/16

In 2016 we surveyed students to find out what they think about Hull University Union, what they value and what we could improve.

You can read the survey results here.

HUU Experience Survey 2015/16

In 2016 we surveyed our students to find out the impact that involvement in student activities has had on their student experience.

The intention of this research was to prove a correlation between student satisfaction, employability, retention and involvement in student activities.

Find out more by reading the PDF below.


Student Written Submission 2016

The Student Written Submission is a clear demonstration of how the University take into consideration the Union’s view of students’ academic, and overall university experience.

We can see this in abundance through the redevelopment of the Library, the construction of the new medical building and accommodation, and redevelopment of Middleton Hall.


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