Role: Faculty Representative


Aim: The Faculty Rep will aim to support, inform and direct School Reps and Course Reps within their Faculty by offering guidance and leadership, while assisting in the enhancement of academic practices by providing crucial feedback to the University and HUU. Faculty Reps will represent the student voice at Faculty level and will have major input into the direction and quality of education at the University. 


Key Responsibilities:

  • Attend HUU Faculty Rep Away Day and School Rep training
  • Represent the views of students within the Faculty to Faculty Board (3 per year)
  • Arrange and lead Faculty Forums with School Reps throughout the year to become familiar with the academic concerns and positive outcomes emanating from Schools and to prepare for Faculty Board
  • Organise, listen to, provide information for, and support School Reps in their role
  • Build a strong relationship with fellow Faculty Reps, School and Course Reps within the Faculty, Faculty staff, and HUU
  • Attend and contribute to Education Zone (once every two weeks), Union Council (6 per year) and Academic Council (5 per year)
  • Attend relevant SSCs throughout the year
  • Contribute to quality procedures at the University. Two members will sit on Senate.
  • Be a visible presence within the Faculty (Social media/notice boards etc.)
  • Contribute and assist in campaigns led by HUU



  • Develop transferable employability skills such as chairmanship, people management, leadership, decision making, event organisation, networking and negotiation
  • Be part of a dynamic and engaged team
  • Improve academic standards and the teaching you experience at Faculty level
  • Influence University and Union policy and decision making
  • Voting member of Union Council
  • Receive one-to-one support from the Vice-President Education and Education Co-ordinator
  • Receive a Faculty Rep badge and other items denoting the position of Faculty Rep
  • Be eligible for awards at the annual HUU Awards


Useful Skills for the Role:

  • Passion for your Faculty and Schools, and improving the quality of education within them.
  • Desire to learn about University structures and procedures, and to listen to a variety of opinions
  • Initiative, leadership and the capacity to be responsible for a large number of students
  • Effective time-management


Expected Time Commitment:

On average you will spend between 6-8 hours a week in this role. Some weeks will be more demanding than others.