Role: Course Representative


Aim: The Course Rep will aim to enhance the quality of education on their course by providing feedback on the key issues and positive outcomes students are experiencing, and relay this information to staff and HUU, while also disseminating information from the University and HUU back to students.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend HUU Course Rep training (one session, 2 hours long)
  • Represent the views of students to Staff Student Committees (4 per year) and Academic Council (5 per year)
  • Build a strong relationship with the School Rep, HUU, and staff at SSC level
  • Inform the School Rep of developments on your course throughout the year
  • Be a visible presence to the students on your course (Social media/notice boards etc.)
  • Contribute and assist in campaigns led by HUU



  • Gain more transferrable employability skills and build confidence
  • Improve academic standards and the quality of teaching on your course
  • Gain experience on University committees
  • Learn more about governance and policy at the University and HUU
  • Receive a Course Rep badge and other items denoting the position of Course Rep
  • Be eligible for HUU’s “Course Rep of the Year” award at the annual HUU Awards
  • Vital experience in order to progress further and take on more responsibility in student representation


Useful Skills for the Role:

  • Passion for improving the quality of education on your course and subject area
  • Desire to learn and listen to a variety of opinions
  • Ability to communicate with different groups
  • Effective time-management


Expected Time Commitment:

On average you will spend between 2-4 hours a week on this role. Some weeks will be more demanding than others.