Foundation On Christ Society

Hull Society

Foundation on Christ is a Christian performing arts society. The objectives of the society are: - to create an atmosphere where students feel welcome - to help students increase their understanding of the bible - to guide students to explore and develop their abilities and talents, developing a Christian perspective - To use and develop individual creative talents to glorify God as we believe God has given every individual a gift. - HAVE FUN!

We have different departments, e.g. drama, music, poetry, Promotions. The departments have sessions during every week or fortnightly to improve their skills, prepare for the Jams and Forums and to have fun! Every two weeks FOC have sessions called a Jam. These Jams have a theme. Departments come together and showcase their talent during the Jams. Also, we share the Word of God, have games, food, discussions and debates in this session. At the end of each semester, we have a big showcase. It's almost like the Jam but on a bigger scale! Its our 10 year anniversary so we are planning big things this semester.


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