What is the Green Impact Award?

NUS established the scheme in 2006 to tackle common bad environmental practice in students’ unions and to share good practice in the sector. Green Impact Students’ Unions has been really successful, with over 100 unions reaching the Bronze standard or above last year, meaning that staff in those unions have taken serious steps to make their unions greener.

As an environmental and ethical Students’ Union, HUU is a large institution in the local community that shapes the next generation of young people. We believe we have a responsibility to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and to educate our members about being ‘green’. So we’re going for Green Impact Award!

What is HUU doing?

Supporting and promoting the University led Sustrans Bike Hub and Hull UTravel Active events which encourages more people to use sustainable forms of energy and travel.

Lobbying the University to make water facilities more available across campus. View our Union Council policy.

What can you do?

Reduce -

As a Students’ Union and a student body, we have a responsibility to ensure that our energy footprint is as small as possible. You can take some really simply steps to do this:

Make sure you turn off taps when you’re done with them (tea lovers, only fill the kettle with the amount of water you actually need) Switch off computers, televisions and other new fangled technology when you’re done as well. (80% of wasted electricity comes from things being on standby, btw)

It’s Hull, we know it’s cold. But resist the urge to just whack up the heating, even if you have all inclusive bills. Wear a jumper, or better yet, snuggle with a friend.

Re-use –

Everyone has things that they don’t use, that fester away in corners. If you’re not using things, don’t throw them away, there’s loads you can do! Donate spare things to charity – As well as giving you a warm feeling inside, it’s incredibly easy. “One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure”. Share with friends – There will be clothes, books and food that you don’t want, but your course mate probably will. Let them know.

Recycle -

This one’s really basic: when you have waste or rubbish, please use our union’s recycling facilities. They’re all over the place, and easy to find! If you live in University ran or managed accommodation, you will now be the proud owner of a new blue recycling bin. Use it!

Get involved –

If you’re interested in doing more than a little bit, you can do three things: Get involved in HUSSO’s Green Space – by contacting huu-volunteering@hull.ac.uk Become a Community Rep and make our community a more green place – by contacting huu-welfare@hull.ac.uk

Join our Environmental and Ethics Committee – huu-environment@hull.ac.uk

You can also give Hull University Union a chance to win £500 towards sustainability projects by completing NUS' Survey HERE.

Take part in snap it off! A website where you can upload your pictures of wasted energy, to help it be resolved more quickly. See it in action at snapitoff.nus.org.uk

For more information on Sustrans and Bike Hub take a look at the links below.