Joe Gibson

I’m a third year history student. My main aim is to improve relations between students and staff.

Matthew Philip Evans

Promote and enhance university resources to guarantee you a better student experience and education.

Nicola Marsden

Hiya! I'm Nicola Marsden. Vote for me and I will put Equality back into Education.

Thomas David Richard Strudwick

Better, more effective representation for our students with more course rep support

Michael Kevin Wilkinson

Student Empowerment, Communication, Feedback.

Oliver Edward Taylor

Vote for me, as I want to improve communication within the faculty by making your opinions heard.

Declan Whiting

Campaigning for positive, real and lasting improvements to our faculty and student experience.

Emily Bolt

I believe in equality, safety, and equal representation for all women.

Caroline Marianne Eardley

Representation, support and a safe space for all self-defining women at Hull uni

Adam Allnutt

EXPIERENCED, PASSIONATE, COMMITTED. I have worked for HUU - now it is time HUU worked for you!

Frances Elizabeth Kaye

Vote Effy Kaye #1 for President because she will make your university experience the best it can be!

Chuby Okide

Hey Family, Chuby here, I want to make next year FANTASTIC for you so please vote Chuby #1 President

Dehenna Davison

For improved EMPLOYABILITY, SPORT, SOCIETIES, and SUPPORT, vote Dehenna Davison for HUU President!

Frank Thomas Tupling

Final Year Primary Teaching Student looking to improve the experience of students.

Daniel Holden

Through my confidence and effective communication skills I believe I can succeed in this position

William Crawford

Scarborough Campus is winding down? Not If I can help it, University should be fun for all.

Jacob Jagger

Returning the Students’ Union to you.

Emily Rose West

I’m Emily a 3rd yr educational studies student. I'm fond of cooking and have 11 piercings.

Simon Hernandez

Transparency on Scarborough’s future. Bring back representation. Build a stronger community.

Viktorija Ivanova

Building Bridges Not Walls

Eltimir Milchev Alexandrov

For a Friendly and Welcoming Environment

Matthew Thorneycroft

It's not what we promise, but what we do that defines us. All we need is the opportunity to prove it

Jack Clifford Dixon

I would like to make sports a more central part of all students University experience.

Gurmok Karnail Singh Sanghera Jr

Better facilities, better coaching, better communication and better recognition from the University!

Alexander Hopkins

Alex Hopkins for VP Sport - Mind, Body, Money! Snapchat Hopkins4VPSports

Michael O'Donnell

#Your Welfare, Our Vision

Adil Qureshi

For a candidate that CAREs about your Welfare and the Community that we live in. Vote Adil #1

Ashleigh Davies

I am running for VP Welfare and Community as I feel I have the ability to make our campus safer.

Jamie Boote

Effective campaigns delivered by an experienced campaigner. Vote for Boote.

Christopher James Knott


Kathleen Brook

If you want YOUR VOICE to be heard, and YOUR ACTIVITIES to be shaped by YOU - Vote Kathy Brook

Thomas Dodd

Tom Dodd History & Film BA: IN DODD WE TRUST United we can achieve great things and make real change

Gavin Straine-Francis

I am passionate about my course, student input and equality between students as well as campuses.

Niall Devine

Devine For Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Daniel Walker

I’m Daniel Walker a student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Charlotte Constable

Students must be heard and well represented. The Union shouldn’t give empty promises to students.

Paul-Henry Blackburn

my name is Paul. A HUBS student, married, mature student and still under 27 years old.

Tabitha Elizabeth Nixon

Hi, my name is Tabz Nixon and I am running to be your campaigns officer at Scarborough.


Unique Voters


Total Votes




Faculty Turnout
Faculty of Science and Engineering 19%
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 18%
Business School 8%
Faculty of Education 7%
Hull York Medical School 4%
Faculty of Health and Social Care 1%
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Year of Study

Year of Study Turnout
3 16%
2 16%
4 13%
1 9%
5 1%


Sport Team Turnout


Society Turnout

Top 5 Sport Teams

Team Turnout
Cricket Women 100%
Cricket 77%
MMA 74%
Quidditch 71%
Lacrosse Mens 68%
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Top 5 Societies

Society Turnout
Romanian Society 100%
Nelson Mandela Society 100%
Lithuanian Society 88%
Conservative Future Society 83%
Friends of Palestine Society 83%
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